Homeowners strive to keep their house well cleaned so that it should appear bright when someone enters. Patio is a part of our home and an area for dining, relaxation and enjoyment. After all, who does not love to sit or relax on a patio under the beautiful sky? But to one’s dismay, a dirty patio discourages people from even stepping onto it.

Continuous walking in and out of your patio can leave shoe marks, and other stains. Besides, dust starts collecting on your beautiful outdoor space masking its true beauty. Concrete, brick, pavers, or tile, whatever the material of your patio is, it needs a regular dose of power washing.

If you are tired of relaxing on an untidy patio and are worried about the health safety of your family, we have revealed the top-secret benefits power washing offers.

Traditional Cleaning vs Power Washing

If you believe a bucket of water and a normal soap would be enough to clean your patio and there is no need to waste money on power washing, then let’s consider this scenario.

Imagine you have decided to power wash your house on your own using the traditional cleaning method. You have gathered the water bucket and a cleaning agent. After hours of scrubbing and cleaning, you are disappointed to see no noticeable differences on your patio. Yes, the amount of effort does not satisfy the results. Well, this is where power washing comes into play. With a powered stream of water, a miraculous change in before and after of your patio can be visible in a fraction of time.

Benefits of Patio Power Washing

Ready to delve into the mind boggling benefits power washing a patio offers? If you are worried about the costs of hiring a professional patio power washing service then you need to read this blog to uncover the many benefits that come with the costs. Let’s find out the 5 major benefits and save your patio from long-term damage.

  1. A Stain Free Patio that Shines Like New

The stain and dirt layer can transform the overall look of your patio. If you ever compare your previous and current patio condition, you would be shocked to see the difference. Wondering why patio power washing helps? It has the power to remove the dirt layer and the stubborn stains, resolving the problem of discoloration and you would be satisfied to see the original look of your patio again.

2.Cleans Toxins and Protects Health

A rainy climate and the moist weather, a season to enjoy or worry about? This is the ideal environment for the growth of insects and other contaminants. They can soon become a health hazard for your family. People with respiratory problems and low immunity are highly susceptible to the attack of these germs and insects. Power washing is a powerful method to not only clean your patio from these germs, but with applying sealants after washing, you can actually prevent their growth anytime soon.

  1. Makes People Go ‘WOW’

The first thing a buyer/tenant looks in a house is how well maintained it is. Do you want your buyers to have a WOW feeling when walking through your patio? Then what are you waiting for? Hiring a professional to power wash your patio significantly increases your house’s value and makes it more presentable. Most people rely on first impressions and this is your chance to appear unique in the eyes  of potential buyers.                                                                                                    

  1. Time and Cost-Friendly

One major feature that distinguishes power washing from normal hand scrubbing is the amount of time and cost-benefit ratio. You would be disappointed to see the results of traditional cleaning using water and soap, while on the other hand, power washing appears to be a cost friendly and quick way of cleaning your patio. It not only saves your cost and time, but also provides you peace in the long-term. By hiring a professional company, you won’t have to stress over frequent power washing and you don’t need to worry about receiving subpar results.

  1. Safety from Accidents

Algae and mold buildup can result in slips and accidents. Regular power washing, especially after wet seasons, can prevent any injuries and offers a safe patio for everyone to freely relax.

  1. Saves You from Future Costs

The debris such as leaves and other forms of toxins can start to decay a concrete or brick patio. If you do not pay attention on time, this can make you go crazy over the heavy costs of replacing or repairing your patio. Power washing not only increases your house’s value but saves you from future financial burden. It is time for you to act and preserve the condition of your patio. By frequent power washing a patio, we can even make it last for a longer period of time.

TN Wash is here to help you!

A major problem people face is they are unable to find a good patio power washing service that can actually take the burden off their shoulders instead of adding to it. We are here to make things easy for you as we believe every house deserves a happy wash. Happily serving Pressure washing in SpringHill and Thompson’s Station. Book a consultation or get an instant free estimate. You deserve a stress-free patio cleaning.

Power washing comes as a lifesaver to protect your patio from damaging too soon and bring back its original appearance. All this with a powerful flow of water, just in a fraction of time. Adding to this, power washing may cost you some dollars but in reality, it is the investment for your future. Afterall, a clean house and a safe environment makes a healthy happy family.


Q- Should you power wash a patio?

A- Yes, power washing your patio is safe if you are hiring a professional who can take care of any challenges or issues.

Q- What to do after power washing a patio?

A- To preserve the efforts of cleaning, it is recommended to apply sealant after the sprayed water is completely dried.

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