It is a clean house’s exterior that brings in a touch of luxury feeling and elegance to your house. Your house’s exterior needs a refreshing makeover in the form of pressure washing. It can clean the stains and grime in a fraction of time. Experts recommend pressure washing a house at least once or twice in a year.

Most of us know the benefits of pressure washing. But we always have this question, what is the cost of pressure washing a house. This comprehensive guide will answer all your questions. Make sure to stay tuned till the end!

Hiring a Professional or Doing-It-Yourself

Monetary Cost
Cost is low as you don’t have to pay for service providers.Cost is high in comparison as hiring a professional allows you freedom to focus on other important stuff.
As a homeowner, you don’t have expertise in cleaning your house’s exterior. Therefore, wrong pressure washer settings can damage your property. You might need to climb ladders for cleaning high surfaces and a minor accident can result in big injuries. Hiring a professional is safe for your property as professional technicians can clean every nook and cranny without causing any damage to life and exterior. 
Non-Monetary Cost
DIY is a time-consuming task. You would have to spend your weekends cleaning.Hiring a professional can save you from the mental burden. You can relax while a professional company will perform their job in the best way. 
Satisfaction and Cleaning Results
Doing the job on your own might not provide you the same level of cleaning outcomes and you could actually end up feeling gross about the results.Hiring a professional provides you with an efficient cleaning surface and high level of satisfaction.

Considering all the areas, it is worth noting that hiring a professional is the best approach for you if you want to save time, be free from stress, and save your property from any kind of damage. Besides, DIY is a good approach for a smaller level cleaning, otherwise it is always best to rely on a professional.

A brief on how much DIY Pressure Washing a House Price:

Let’s quickly discuss the estimated costs of doing this tedious activity yourself. The costs of DIY can be divided into two portions:

Monetary Costs:                   

If you plan to do it yourself, note that the cost to buy/rent a pressure washer can be significant. According to Forbes, renting a gas pressure washer is expensive and it can cost you from $100-$400 a day with an average cost of $379 as per LawnStarter. On the other hand, an electric pressure washer can cost you anywhere between $35-$200 a day, with an average cost of $179. Other costs include renting a Ladder (If you plan to clean high surfaces) and Water Supplier Costs.

Non-monetary Costs:

  • Time
  • Safety Risks

Cost of Professional

If you have made your mind to hire a professional, but are unaware of how much this would cost, then read on to find the average costs for pressure washing your house.

Total Estimated Costs:

The costs of pressure washing depends on a variety of factors. The average cost to pressure washing a house ranges between $0.15 to $0.75 per square foot (Angie). $0.08 is the lowest cost per square foot while $0.8 is considered to be the highest cost for this activity. A 2000 square feet house costs around $300 to $1500.

Factors affecting pressure washing cost:

We have discussed each factor in detail so you have a clear idea of the breakdown of the estimated cost:

  • Cost of Labor:

Based on an estimated average, labor can cost between $25 to $100 per hour. Since average complexity projects can be completed in 2 hours, labor cost for a project can be estimated to $50-$200

  • Location:

Pressure washing cost varies by geographical location. It is a given that if you live in a prime location, the cost-of-service providers are high. According to BobVila, professional pressure washing cost can vary from $245-$472 based on location.

  • Cleaning hours:

The time required to pressure wash a house depends on the scope of the project. On an average smaller project can be cleaned in as low as an hour while big projects can sometimes take a few days to be completed. According to statistics, per hour cleaning costs can vary significantly between $50-$200.

  • Cost by size:

According to homeguide, on an average, cost to power wash a house varies between per square foot to and $0.08 to $0.20 to pressure wash a house. Remember that these costs can be as high as $0.80 depending on the complexity of the project and other factors discussed.

  • Cost by Stories:

Cleaning a single-story house is easy as compared to climbing upstairs with all the equipment and tools. Therefore, the cost of  cleaning increases with each level. As per Bark, the cost of cleaning an average-sized single-story house varies between $120 to $800, with an average cost of $460.

  • Cost by Material:

The material of your exterior surface affects the overall pressure washing cost. Some materials like wood are delicate and need soft washing. Materials like concrete need high PSI wash to remove the tough stains. Cost of cleaning ranges between $0.30 to $2.00 depending on the material.

  • Cost by type of exterior:

According to the estimated average, pressure washing costs vary between $50-$75 to $700 depending on the area of your house.

Areas like patios and decks are easy to clean and their cleaning cost is around $125 for an average sized patio/deck. Driveways are also easy to clean and you can clean it on your own. The estimated cost to clean driveways is $225. While cleaning the exterior, you don’t want to miss the gutters or windows. Cleaning gutters and windows can cost you around $400. Roofs are the most expensive exteriors of your house to clean. You need a ladder to climb up and have to take safety risks, therefore, the cost of pressure washing a roof ranges between $450 to $700.

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Pressure washing a house seems an interesting job but it is a tiring and exhausting one. It is best to hire professionals for pressure washing. Factors like size of the house, location, area of the house, and how much time is required affects the cost of pressure washing. Consult a professional now for expert advice!


Q- When to hire a professional?

A-    If you are planning to clean your entire house or clean areas such as roof or patio/decks, gutters, etc., it is always recommended to consult a professional.

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