Power washing a house can be tough for the exterior surfaces. To minimize the damage, soft washing comes into play.

Professional power washing companies utilize the power of soft washing to make the house stain free. However, DIYers, being unaware of the intricacies of power washing, rely on visiting a store and buying any cheap quality pressure washer. With a lack of adequate knowledge, DIYers often leave streaks on their vinyl siding that look hideous.

Let’s compare DIY vs hiring a professional pressure washing company and see what the cost benefit analysis proves.

Definition of Power Washing

Power washing, in simple terms, refers to the process of using water at different pressure levels (PSI) to clean outdoor surfaces. This technique is powerful enough to remove stubborn stains and return your exterior surfaces to their original condition.

3 Benefits of Power Washing

  • Power washing can clean all the contaminants and revive the glow of your house.
  • Safety from health issues by making your house’s exterior bacteria and germ free.
  • Extends the lifespan of your outdoor surfaces.

Comparison: DIY vs Professional Pressure Washing

Let’s compare DIY and Professional approaches on different factors.

  1. Time

By taking on the DIY power washing project in your hands, you have successfully booked yourself for weekends.

On the other hand, hiring a professional can give you relaxation to focus on other important stuff. An experienced company has the modern equipment and knowledge to streamline the cleaning process.

  1. Effort

Doing it yourself requires you to buy or rent the power washing equipment, take proper safety measures, and then it requires a lot of effort to sneak peek into every corner and power wash it.

A professional pressure washing company like TN Wash provides you an all-in-one solution. You just have to put in your effort in finding a good company.

  1. Cost

DIY can save you the cost of hiring a professional. However, you have to rent/buy equipment, safety gear and cleaning agents. Moreover, the non-monetary costs associated with DIY are another story, discussed ahead. Nonetheless, DIY power washing can be a bit light on your pocket if you just look at the money that you are paying.

  1. Expertise

You should know that a house exterior cleaning is not the same as interior one and it requires a greater amount of precision and care. A professional power washing company has years of experience working on different projects and complex surfaces and areas.

  1. Flexibility

You don’t have to adjust your schedule according to a company, and are free to work anytime that is suitable for you.

  1. Safety

Imagine you are cleaning your house’s exterior and suddenly you use a high pressure on a metal surface thereby damaging it? Power washing requires you to adjust nozzles and pressure settings to suit a specific surface. This sounds hectic, right?

Power washing requires you to climb ladders to reach high surfaces. Since you are not an expert, accidents may happen. Moreover, the high pressure can not only damage your surface but it can cut through your skin and result in serious injuries as reported by CNBC.

This is what makes professional power washing best for you and your property. With the right equipment and knowledge, there would be no harm to your property. A professional company uses proper safety gear that minimizes any form of damage. In fact, they take full guarantee of any damage/injury that may occur to your property or to their technicians.

  1. Outputs of Cleaning

You may not be able to achieve your desired results with DIY power washing. There is no point in investing so much effort and time to settle on mediocre cleaning results.

In comparison, a professional company has the right set of equipment and techniques to provide you the best results so that you can have a worry-free cleaning.

  1. Difficult to Find a Reliable Company

It is hard to find a professional pressure washing company that is trustworthy and is capable. This is why some people prefer the DIY approach.

  1. Long-term benefits

With the necessary expertise, a professional can clean all the dirt, mud, stains, and other germs that are damaging your house. Not only this, a clean exterior looks presentable and buyers/tenants are more interested in your house. This increases the value of your house against competitors and you can charge a premium price as well.

Cost and Benefit Analysis:

Have you ever thought what return you are getting by saving the monetary cost by power washing your house yourself? Are there any benefits of saving this cost? Well, the answer is not much. There are more non-monetary costs that you are paying because of DIY power washing. Let’s have a look at the non-monetary costs:

  • Buying/Renting an Equipment
  • Cleaning Agents
  • Water Usage Bills
  • Replacement/Repair costs if any mishap happens
  • Your time, Your biggest money

Now let’s have a look at the cost benefit analysis of hiring a professional. By hiring a professional, you can save your time, effort, and any damage costs. Most importantly, you can relax and let the magic happen.

Factors to Consider When Deciding the Best Approach

  1. Areas you want to clean

If you need to clean just a part of your exterior surface such as your driveway, you can go with the DIY approach. However, for complex projects such as cleaning your roof or your entire exterior surface, it is best to hire a professional.

  1. Your Budget

It all depends on your budget too, how much are you willing to afford?

What to look for in a professional company?

  • Ask your neighbors and take their recommendations.
  • Search for local companies in your area and check their reviews and testimonials.
  • Ask them to provide you detailed estimates of cost.
  • Check the portfolio of their projects with before and after pictures.
  • Lastly, consult different companies to have a holistic overview of the packages.

At TN Wash, we value our customers. We have a demonstrated portfolio of handling different types of outdoor cleaning projects. Get an instant free quote now!


Each approach presents its own pros and cons. DIY power washing can save you money, whereas you need to pay more for hiring a professional. You can work on your own schedule when you plan to DIY, however, a professional has a dedicated time to power wash your house and you cannot interfere much in their techniques and processes. No doubt, hiring a professional incurs a cost on you, but it saves your time, effort, provides you better results, is long-lasting, and increases the value of your home. At TN Wash, affordable exterior cleaning is our motto and we work by it.

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