A clean home’s exterior is like a cherry on the cupcake. It depicts how possessive you are about your house. If your house’s exterior is looking untidy, then no worries. Washing your house can solve your problems.

When hearing the term exterior washing, most people think about pressure washing. However, pressure washing is not suitable for all parts of your house’s exterior. A more reliable and easy way to clean your house’s exterior is called soft washing.

Soft washing is an underrated but an efficient way of cleaning. TN Wash specializes in providing soft washing services to residential owners yearning to see their pristine house look again. By availing TN Wash’s all in one soft washing solution, you can get a nice clean exterior.

Curious to know what soft wash cleaning actually is and how it can save you from big trouble, then continue reading.

Introduction to Soft Washing:

Soft washing doesn’t use high pressure water to clean the germs. Instead of wasting high volumes of water, this technique mainly applies cleaning detergents on the surface through a nozzle, and let them rest for sometime. The cleaning agents are proven to absorb dust and dirt particles and remove any oil/grease or other stains. Water is then sprayed at a very low pressure to clean the accumulated grimeand revive its original glow.

9 Benefits of Soft Washing That Can Save Your Time and Money:

Let’s discuss the magic a soft wash cleaning can bring to your property’s look and life.

  1. Safe for Your Property and Life

When we say soft washing is safe, we mean it. Let’s discuss how.

Soft washing uses a very low-pressure water to clean your surfaces, thereby reducing chances of injuries. Let’s compare it with pressure washing. Do you know that high force water, if not properly handled, can injure you badly? Yes there are several cases reported in the US of pressure washing related injuries.

A benefit of soft washing is you are free to clean your house from the ground level, and don’t need to climb a ladder for washing your roof. This prevents the risk of accidents.

Soft washing also protects any damage to your home’s exterior. You can easily clean your windows and roof without worrying about any dents or cracks.

Hiring a professional can make your job easy.

  1. Soft Washing Uses Less Water:

Cleaning agents work as the main fuel for soft washing. It uses less water than power washing since you don’t need to continuously spray water at an area to remove stains and marks. It is easy on your pocket too and your water bills won’t soar high.

Wasting less water is good for our environment considering the water scarcity happening in the world and most parts of the US.

  1. Effective Cleaning:

If you are worried about the cleaning effectiveness of a soft wash cleaning method, and are fancied with pressure washing, then you are missing out on some great outputs. Don’t let the soft approach of this method deter you.

The detergents that it uses are enough to decontaminate your surfaces from any toxins and dirt. It is also effective in the long-term since it eliminates the toxins from their initial layer. This helps prevent the growth of algae and bacteria any sooner.

  1. Environment Friendly Cleaning Agents:

You probably do not want to harm your environment. This is why soft washing can be the perfect choice for you. It uses eco-friendly cleaning agents that do not harm your surroundings and other species.

  1. Suitable For Majority of Surfaces Types:

Not all types of materials can bear high pressure. Certain delicate areas can be damaged, dented or crushed under high force of water. Such areas call for a soft touch of water. One benefit of soft washing is that you don’t have to worry about your material being damaged, and it can clean almost any surface from brick to metal. You can clean any exterior area from driveways to sidings and windows.

  1. Saves Time, Money and Effort:

By pre applying detergents, soft washing can save your time and effort as you don’t have to spend hours getting rid of tough stains.

It is cost effective since it eliminates the cause of the contaminants thus preventing their reoccurrence frequently. You don’t have to frequently invest in exterior cleaning.

  1. Health Risks:

By eradicating harmful algae and bacteria, soft washing protects you and your family from health problems.

  1. Increases Home Value:

The pollution and dust can make your house’s exterior look dull. A soft wash cleaning helps to restore the shine of your house by removing the elements that are shading the beauty of your house. This in turn boosts up your house value and makes it distinguished among buyers.

  1. Increases Lifespan:

By regular soft washing, you can protect your exterior from decaying quickly and it helps prolong its life. This can save you from high replacement costs in the future.

Cons of Soft Washing

  1. Stubborn Stains:

Although soft washing can remove majority types of stains, there are some marks and stains that need power/pressure washing only.

  1. Requires Patience:

Soft washing requires a lot of patience and determination as you have to wait for the cleaning agents to soak all the germs and clear the stains. Then you have to rinse the entire surface with water, making sure no residues are left.

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A comparison between DIY and Hiring a Professional

Doing It YourselfHiring a Professional
Saves cost of hiring a professional                Is costly
Requires a lot of time and effort                    Is reliable, you can relax
May not get satisfactory results                       Guarantees satisfaction
Difficult to solve any issues that may occur        Experience of tackling complexities
Can work on your own pace                                Cannot intervene in their process

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Concluding Remarks

Soft washing combines the use of water and a cleaning agent. It rinses off the surface using a low stream of water. The benefits of soft washing makes it a popular choice. It is easy to clean your house using soft washing, it is safe for your property, and is not harmful for your surroundings.

Doing it Yourself can be time-consuming and you won’t get the expected results. If you are a busy person looking for a reliable source, then look no more as team TN Wash is open to help you out. With dedicated professionals, we focus on providing utmost satisfaction to our customers. We take full responsibility of giving a happy service to our clients.


Q- How pressure washing and soft washing differ from each other?

A- Pressure washing sprays water at high pressure to clean an exterior surface whereas soft washing utilizes the power of cleaning agents coupled with low-pressure water to return your house to its original condition.

Q- Why is a soft wash cleaning method considered as safe?

A- Soft washing sprays water at a very low pressure avoiding any cuts or injuries because of the force of water. Moreover, this feature of soft washing also prevents any damage to your house’s exterior.

Q- Is the soft washing environment friendly?

A- Yes, it uses eco-friendly agents that are safe for your environment, plants, animals and other species.

Q- Why should I hire a professional to soft wash my house?

A- It saves time, effort, provides you best results, is reliable, and has expertise to tackle any complexities and challenges.

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