Begin with imagining a situation. You have invited some guests to your house. You spent hours cleaning the interior of your house, but forgot to pay attention to the main cover i.e., your house’s exterior. What are you welcoming them with? The dirt on your walls or the algae and grime buildup on the exterior of your windows.

A book cover attracts us to read a book. Just like that, our home’s exterior is                                            the appealing cover of our house.

If you are stressed about how to avoid such situations, then this is the guide you must read on. First things first! Pressure washing is what you need to bring an elegant look to your house.

Since there are multiple companies offering their services, you must be confused on how to choose a pressure washing service to get high-quality cleaning results.

Let’s quickly dive into the useful discussion on how to hire the best professional service for your needs.

What does Pressure Washing mean?

In the fast-paced era, nobody wants to spend hours getting rid of tough stains. But who does not want a clean exterior that shines in the dark?

Where traditional cleaning methods use harmful cleaning agents, pressure washing is the use of a pressure gun filled with water to clean the exterior surfaces of your house.

How to choose the Right Pressure Washing Service?

You have taken the decision to hire a pressure washing company, You scroll through the internet and find yourself caught up in a maze of multiple companies offering their services. This is when confusion sinks in, and the only question in your mind is how to choose the right pressure washing service?

Well, there are some important factors that you must consider while selecting a pressure washing company. A wrong choice can ruin your property’s appearance while a right choice can make your property appear brand new.

Examine Your Property and Assess Cleaning Needs:

The choice of a pressure washing service mainly depends on your property. Refer to the table below to understand what it means:

Type of PropertySurface MaterialCleaning Needs
Are you a house owner looking for a cleaning service or you own a commercial property? There is a whole lot of difference between these two in terms of the technique, equipment and time required for cleaning.Though pressure washing is suitable for a large variety of materials, which pressure washer to choose depends on your property’s exterior. A wood surface and a brick surface have different tolerance levels and you cannot use the same pressure settings to clean both as it might result in damage to the surface. There might be some areas that are damaged and need repair or replacement instead of cleaning. Roam around your property’s exterior and identify which areas have tough stains and where there is slight dust accumulation. 

Research is KEY!

After addressing your cleaning needs, it’s time for you to dive into the actual task of finding a reliable and efficient pressure washing service.

Think about a time you wanted to buy a mobile phone. What was your first step? Yes, you got it right. Searching for the best model that suits your budgets and specifications. This is what you need to do in this case too. Take out your mobile phone and search for the best pressure washing services in your area.  Start by making a list of the company names, their websites and phone numbers. We will use this list moving ahead.

After doing internet research, the next step for you is to take recommendations. How many times do you buy something a friend recommended to you? The answer is almost every time. If someone in your neighborhood or your relative/friend has booked a pressure washing service for their house, you should definitely take their recommendations. Remember to use the list that we created earlier to see how many of these recommendations match the listed companies.

5 Factors to Consider when selecting a Pressure Washing Service:

You need to consider 5 important factors before selecting a pressure washing service.

  1. Industry Experience:

The first and foremost factor to consider is the experience of the pressure washing companies.

Pressure washing requires attention to detail and any wrong technique can damage the exterior of your property. Therefore, hiring an experienced company can save you from stressing out, as they have expertise to handle any sort of challenges or unforeseen circumstances.

At TN Wash, we have skilled professionals with extensive knowledge of different cleaning techniques. We are in service for over a decade now and are happily serving Spring Hill & Thompson’s Station.

  1. Modern Equipment & Techniques:

Look for a company that has modern equipment and is aware of the latest cleaning technology. A company like TN Wash stays up to date with the modern cleaning requirements to satisfy its customer needs. We call ourselves versatile because we have a vast variety of cleaning equipment for different surface types.

  1. Company Reputation and Reviews:

Information is just a click away with the advent of the Internet. And with the awareness, people have become open to providing their feedback after purchasing a product/service. This is a golden chance for you to avoid hiring wrong service providers.

You can find reviews on a Company’s website and social media pages or on Google itself. While checking testimonials of the listed companies, you should look for consistent feedback in terms of quality, customer service, efficiency, and personal recommendations.

Technicians at TN Wash value the customers and consider their properties as their own. This is what has driven customers to leave positive comments and feedback. Have a look at what our customers’ testimonials:

  1. Safety and Licensing:

One of the most important factors to look for in a company is that it values your property and human lives, and takes proper safety measures while conducting cleaning activities.

It is equally important that the company is certified from local and national agencies to operate legally and safely.

  1. Pricing Estimates:

It is necessary that the cost you are paying should be reflected in the outcome of the cleaning.

Neither should you choose a company because they are offering the lowest price estimates nor should you reject a company because of high prices. It is important to have an idea of the market rate for which we suggest you take quotes from different pressure washing companies.

Based on your needs, we are always available to provide you free quotes. Get a free quote from us now! We believe in complete transparency and avoid any form of hidden costs. We believe in building long-term loyal customer relationships.

Final Thoughts!

To sum up, there is a lot that goes behind choosing a pressure washing company. From having awareness about your property’s needs to researching the different alternative companies, and considering the different factors discussed.

Choosing the right pressure washing company can be highly stressful specially with lack of appropriate knowledge. However, with our team’s expert guidance, you can relax and share all your concerns with us. Get a quote now or schedule a pressure washing service with us to get that dreamy elegance on your house’s exterior back.


Q. Why should I have an idea about my property?

A- Relying solely on a company doesn’t make sense. You must have an idea about what is best for your property and then you should take expert suggestions.

Q. Is pressure washing the same for all surfaces?

A- No, the pressure levels, equipment and nozzles each differ according to the surface material of your exterior. Delicate surfaces need soft washing while tough stains need high-pressurized water. Consult an expert today to get the best advice.

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