Save Your Hard Earned Time & Money!  

Hire Happy to Tackle it Right the First Time 


You’re a capable do-it-yourselfer. Clear your weekend. Let’s Do This! 

Head to your local hardware store and buy a brand new pressure washer yourself to get this job done.  

-Don’t forget about an effective but safe cleaning agent.  

-You should probably grab a ladder and extra hoses while you’re there.  

-Grab a gas can and stop in at the fueling station to fill up your gas powered pressure washing machine. (The electric operated machines are a total waste of your time and money.)  

-You might need to push this task off until next weekend. You’ll need to order an assortment of pressure washing sprayer tips online.  

-Keep in mind, this new piece of equipment needs maintenance, winterized, and stored. How valuable is your time, money, and space?  

-Not to mention, the potential risk of injury that comes with any job that involves heights. “My neighbor has a pressure washer. He’ll just do it for me.” Did you know that if your neighbor injures themselves on your property while cleaning your home, you could be liable for their medical costs because they are not a hired licensed professional company?  

-Did you know residential pressure washing equipment can actually damage your surfaces as you clean with all that high pressure water?! Talk about one step forward and four steps back.  


Soft Wash vs. High Pressure Wash.  

Literally night and day. Soft wash is the way to go! A house with average sunlight should be washed every 2-3 years. The high pressure water beating up your surfaces regularly really takes a toll. Our soft wash commercial rig ensures your surfaces maintain their integrity while our safe effective cleaning agent tackles all that algae, mold, mildew, dirt, and grime.  


DIY Cost 

Buying equipment and is costly! The average gas powered pressure washer is between $400-$600. Cleaning agents can cost on average $30 for ONE house wash. These agents have to be diluted properly with just the right amount of water to clean BUT NOT cause damage so use with CAUTION if proceeding without a professional. The average ladder cost is $150-$200. Make sure to get a ladder high enough to access those hard to reach places of your exterior home. Accessories will run you around $450-$550 which includes pressure washer sprayer tips, hoses, gas cans, foam cannon (cleaning solution container), tarps, winterizing solutions, and gas to power equipment. Storage really just depends on your available space and how much that space is worth to you. A storage unit can run $50 a month if your garage is overrun.  Maintenance and repair costs should be considered when buying any new piece of equipment. It won’t stay new and will start hard. Small engine repair shops charge on average $60 an hour to repair. 

While many projects render great results with a DIY approach, pressure washing is NOT one of them. Pressure washing is more successful if carried out by professionals and experts of the relevant field. Each surface requires different sprayer tips, spraying techniques, and cleaning agent solutions. Soft wash is a far superior method of washing with a calculated safe and effective cleaning agent. Getting it done right the first time. I can’t express how many calls I get from people who have invested all of the time, effort, and money into completing this project to just hire our company anyway to re-wash their surfaces professionally because their results didn’t meet their expectations or the expectations of their HOAs. Save your hard earned time and money, leave this job to the professionals.