Are you fed up of looking at your messy house’s exterior and fading beauty? Maybe it is the time for you to schedule power washing for your house and give it a refreshing treatment. Best thing is you don’t have to stress over arranging equipment and following safety measures as there are professionals offering optimal quality cleaning at affordable prices.

Most companies offer their services round the year except for extreme weather conditions. However, whether you are planning to DIY or hire a professional, you must be thinking of how often I need to power wash my house?

You only need to power wash your house when there is need of proper exterior cleaning. Frequency of power washing depends on a variety of factors. You need to power wash your house according to your local conditions and needs. Moving ahead, we have discussed everything in detail.

Pros of Power Washing

Power washing can save you from high costs in the future. Regular power washing can save your house’s exterior from damaging in the long-term before its actual lifespan.

Power washing increases the value of your house among buyers. It cleans the dirt and mold thus preventing any health issues.

Factors that Decide How Often You Need to Power Wash Your House

Power washing a house once or twice a year would suffice. This is what experts recommend. It can save your house from any damage and also prolong its lifespan. But this is the ideal case and can vary depending on a house’s cleaning needs. The factors that shape up your decision of how often you need to power wash your home are as follows:

1. Geographical Location & Climate:

First factor that shapes your needs is the geographical location of your house since climate varies depending on the location. If we consider the US, there are some regions with moist climates while there are others with dry ones.Climate: Depending on the climate, you need to schedule your cleaning accordingly.

HumidTwice a Year in Fall & Spring
DryOnce a Year in Spring
Heavy RainfallTwice a Year in Fall, Spring or Summer
PleasantOnce a Year
Dust StormsOnce a Year in Spring or Summer
  • Geographical Location: Houses in humid regions such as the Mid-Atlantic need to be power washed at least twice a year to prevent the growth of mold and algae. Regions with high snowfall such as New England need power washing once a year but not in winter. Same goes for the Great Lakes. Plain regions usually have dry weather and don’t require frequent power washing, once a year would suffice. Regions such as Southwest and Pacific Northwest need power washing twice a year because of the heavy rainfall and humid temperatures.

Remember, this is just the ideal case and it can vary depending on other factors.

2. Wellness Needs:

If you find too much mold and algae growth in your exterior surfaces then you need to power wash your house now. Moreover, if your house is located near a road with passing cars, dust can accumulate very quickly around your exterior. In such cases, you need to power wash it more often as dust can be harmful for people with allergies or respiratory problems.

Therefore, in addition to protecting the exterior of your house, there comes one more solid reason to frequently power wash your house that is to protect your family from any kind of illness.

3.  Planning to Invite Visitors:

This is a given fact that a nicely cleaned exterior leaves a positive impression on your visitors. Therefore, it is best to power wash your house before inviting guests or putting your house on sale.

Consult a professional now for best advice.

4.  Before Painting:

Planning to paint your house’s exterior? You might be thinking that a new layer of paint would hide all the stains on your house’s exterior. But this is not correct. Since the newly applied paint would only look good if applied on a clean surface. Power washing your house before painting would also remove any kind of mold or algae that may destroy your newly applied layer of paint.

5. Type of Material Surface:

Some materials can accumulate dirt more as compared to others. Your cleaning frequency depends on the type of material surface. This means some parts of your house might need more frequent washing than others. Materials such as brick can accumulate dirt between gaps and need to be pressure washed every year or more often. Delicate surfaces like wood should only be power washed when needed most and that too using soft washing. Materials like Vinyl and metal need to be power washed more carefully and at least once in a year. It is best to consult an expert to determine which parts of your house need cleaning now.

Best Season to Power Wash

Here comes another question, when should I power wash my house?

Well, again it depends on your location and needs. It is recommended to power wash your house in summer, fall and spring seasons. And it is best to avoid it in winters and in extreme temperatures. Experts recommend to power wash your house before and after winter. Before winter to clean all the debris and dirt to prevent any blockage or issues during winter, and after winter to clean all the mold and grime that has accumulated during winter months. Spring is ideally considered the best season to power wash your house because of its favorable weather, light rains, long daylight, etc. However, depending on your area, the ideal time can vary for you.

Looking for a reliable Company in SpringHill and Thompson’s Station?

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Power washing is an exterior cleaning method that can save you from high costs of replacement and repairs. You can prevent health issues due to mold and algae growth in your exterior by scheduling regular power washing. How often you need to power wash your home depends on a variety of factors including the location of your house, how much it is exposed to pollution, what is the climate in your area, etc. The ideal cleaning frequency is at least once a year or twice in some cases. The best months to power wash your house are the spring ones. If you are a busy person uninterested in cleaning, but want an exterior that looks appealing, it is best for you to hire a professional.


Q- How often should you power wash your home?

A- Ideally, at least once or twice a year would suffice. However, some parts of your house might need more frequent power washing depending on a number of factors. Location and climate conditions, exposure to toxins, and material of your surface to name the few among them.

Q- What is the ideal season to power wash my house?

A- Spring is considered as the ideal season to power wash your house as there are light rain showers in spring saving your time, long daylight, mild temperatures and favorable weather.

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